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Around 8000 holes were made to  make and finish this one of a kind sphere. It's hollow, and weights around 140kg. She measures 150cm in width and is to be displayed standing, on a stone column. Unlike most of the other pieces, she can not be hanged to the ceiling. The thickness of the shell is around 30mm. Many months of full time work it took to create this wonderful piece of art. All the work has been done by hand. 

status: available


Era symbolizes a new base to build upon. A foundation, carefully put together in order to stand strong. In search of perfection, Renze worked on this piece for about 2 years. 

'Era' measures 1520mm in width and weights 140 kg. She counts around 5000 individually made pieces of wood, of which the finishing layer exists of 2.5mm thick Wengé. 

status: available


After some of my previous work, this might be called; Easy going blue. 
'Just' 540 pieces were needed to make this fun fellah a big hit. 8 different blue shades were used on a 1.1m big sphere. Yes, smaller she is, but she's blue. 

status: available

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